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6 Top Tips for Beginner Cooks

Do you leave the kitchen in a complete mess after slaving over a dish for hours with a dissatisfying outcome? Fear not! Once you have mastered our twenty-three best tips for beginner cooks, the art of cooking will be a much- anticipated delight! We have broken them down into seven sections so you can work on the areas that challenge you the most. It won't be long before your family and friends pick up on the new skills you've acquired after reading this blog post!

Here are our best tips for beginner cooks

1. Become familiar with knives

  • The way in which you cut and prepare your vegetables dramatically determines the presentation of your dish
  • Always chop or slice food items in a downward motion so that you can maintain an angle that suits you. 
  • Use your hand to change the position of the food item. Changing the position with a knife may result in cutting your finger or affecting the look of the dish.
  • Make use of your nails to hold the ingredient while keeping your fingers carved. Maintaining a solid grip on whatever ingredient you are preparing will prevent an accident!
  • Choose the right knife! There are many different blades, some of which are not preferable for certain foods
Knife sharpening

Knife sharpening

2. Don't modify recipes just yet

  • Making changes to a recipe can encourage a personal touch or even make the dish tastier
  • However, until you are familiar with your desired dish and have mastered the original recipe, refrain from modifying any part of the recipe
Planning ahead

Planning ahead

3. Plan ahead

Cooking a meal does not often require a lot of time;

  • It is the preparation time that is vital  
  • Always ensure you have the correct ingredients and complete the shopping list in good time 
  • Nobody likes to go hunting for the essentials once the cooking is underway!
  • Organise efficiently and have peace of mind
Chopped vegetables

Chopped vegetables

4. Start slow and methodically

  • You might be trying a recipe that requires a lot of ingredients to go into the pan
  • If you are unsure about the quantity of each ingredient, underestimate the amount as you can always add to the dish later if necessary 
  • Work at a slow pace and read the recipe twice to ensure a good understanding of each step
Chef planning ahead

Chef planning ahead

5. Think like a pro

  • If you are frying an ingredient, do not place anything into the pan until the oil becomes moderately hot 
  • Start with simple recipes that contain simple ingredients, accessible in most supermarkets 
  • Keep tasting your food as you go along. This will help you understand when you have achieved your desired taste 
  • Clean the kitchen regularly to avoid a royal mess at the end of your culinary experience!
Pro chef

Pro chef

6. Never skimp on safety

  • Don't forget to wear an apron in case of any spillage
  • Always ensure raw chicken and fish are fresh 
  • De-freeze ingredients overnight 
  • Wash your hands continuously to ensure germ- free cooking

I hope you enjoyed our 23 best tips for beginner cooks. Each of our best tips for beginner cooks are ones that you can use starting with today's dinner!

What beginner cooking techniques and tips are you going to use starting right away?

placing food in fridge

placing food in fridge

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