Our suppliers sit at the heart of our business. We work with small family-run British farms to source the best products in the country. Working with them over the long-term means that our food is entirely traceable from farm to folk. We think that small-scale family farms are the most sustainable way of producing food. All our suppliers have a great respect for the natural environment, look after their soil and wildlife by farming respectfully and in accordance with seasonality.

Sunseed Organics

Our vegetables

We're passionate about supporting local, independent producers and knowing exactly where our food comes from. That's we’re delighted to have teamed up with Aleksander from the esteemed organic wholesaler Sunseed Organics. Sunseed works with specialist and local growers from around the UK, Europe & the rest of the world operating a local buying policy: It's their policy to always source from the closest possible producer providing they meet with the quality standards that we've set.

Meadowgrove Farm

Grass-fed beef

Alan farms his grass-fed beef at his home – in the Chew Valley – where traditional native breeds of North and South Devon cattle are grass fed on lush pasture. These cows thrive on our luscious Somerset pastures and can finish off grass alone Every time you buy off us you are directly helping the recovery of wildlife, helping to build soils and taking carbon out of the atmosphere.

Dingley Dell Pork

Red Duroc-based pork

The Suffolk Meat Traders is a company founded by a group of local butchers and we've been lucky to work with them since we launched three months ago. From their Red Duroc-based pork to their grass-fed beef we can rely on them to provide us with an outstanding quality of meat and poultry every week, which can be traced back to the farm on which it was reared.

Wing Of St. Mawes

British fish

We are proud to buy our fish from Wing of St. Mawes in Cornwall who work with local fishermen that using low impact fishing methods to preserve the marine environment wherever possible. All of their local fishing boats are members of the Seafish Industry Authorities Responsible Fishing Scheme. Mackerel and sardines are caught within a mile or so off the coast using traditional methods of fishing, such as hook and line or ring netting. Other species are fished with a variety of catching methods, such as traditional trawls, beam trawls or gill nets. We always try to select and purchase mature fish and seafood and not to take the cheaper, smaller sized fish. We are very careful in having any species on our menu that we feel is under pressure in Cornish waters; instead our Head Chef Chris opts for seasonal fresh fish that is readily available in good volumes. share such high-quality produce with our subscribers is something that we love to do.

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