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Here, at Box'd Fresh, we treat the health and welfare of our subscribers as one of our top priorities. Our sourcing team works closely with a diverse range of suppliers so that we can provide you with the best-quality produce. As we expand, we aim to establish strong relationships with our suppliers so that we can guarantee every ingredient in each food box has come directly from farms and fisheries that meet our high-standards. Below are just a few of our trusted suppliers.


Sunseed Organics

With an aim to buy organic produce as locally as possible, Sunseed Organics boasts more than 15 years of experience in the wholesale of organic fruits and vegetables. With a customer-centric approach, the company takes great care in verifying the provenance of each vegetable item they supply- an important reason as to why we chose to form a relationship with them. With a large network of organic farmers, Sunseed supports the activities and initiatives of local growers. Working directly with our friend Aleksander at Sunseed means we can source seasonal produce and tailor our diverse weekly menus accordingly. Fostering a close relationship with Sunseed allows us to find out what’s on the market at any given time.


Suffolk Meat Traders

Founded by a local group of Suffolk butchers, this company was established with the aim of providing support to the local meat sector. With 60 years of experience, it has earned the market reputation of supplying the highest quality pork, meat and poultry items to a diverse range of customers including local butchers and restaurants nationwide. Suffolk meat traders work in close collaboration with the local livestock traders of East Anglia to deliver fresh meats to customers from their Elmswell plant. After careful selection and preparation, the result is the highest quality and succulent British meat.


Wing Of St. Mawes

For high-quality sea fish and shellfish, we rely on Wings of St. Mawes, a small, family-run company with over 25 years of experience in the fishing industry. The company was founded with the mission to deliver a range of fresh sea fish, such as dover sole, monkfish, wild mussels and live crabs (the list goes on!), to the customers straight from the quayside of the River Tyne. Wing of St. Mawes is our preferred choice for the supply of fish because it maintains a high standard of sustainable fishing. Its commitment towards preserving the environment through the pro-active management of waste make Wings of St. Mawes one of our trusted suppliers. Their fishermen are also highly proficient in using low- impact fishing methods so that the marine environment remains unaffected. They feel very passionately about the welfare of their customers and they work hand in hand with us to ensure that the quality of each Box'd Fresh Recipe Kit is maintained at a high standard.

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