25 best recipe blogs of 2018

Since 2010, popular recipe blogs have exploded because technology has made it easy for people to set up as long as they have a camera and a passion for food.

This means that there are thousands, if not millions, of recipe blogs that you need to sieve through in order to find what you're looking for. 

Don't worry though, I've save you time by surveying the top 100 recipe blogs in the UK using the Foodies 100 Guide

Below are 25 of my favourites, which I would recommend you to check out!

For each recipe blog, I list the main reason as to why they stood out to me in comparison to the other blogs and the types of recipes that you'll be able to enjoy on their site. 

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Nadia's Healthy Kitchen recipe blog

Nadia's Healthy Kitchen recipe blog

Nadia's Healthy Kitchen

 Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen is a recipe blog packed with delicious, vegan-friendly recipes guaranteed to inject some creativity into your cooking.

 If you’ve struggled for ideas on how to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle, then you should definitely take a trip over to her vegan recipe blog.

What’s more, is that she uses alternatives to animal-based products to make the most mouth watering deserts from her mint moringa Oreos to chai ice cream sandwiches, you’re in for a treat. Nadia’s YouTube channel is worth checking out too, as she shows you exactly how to make her favourite recipes. Couldn’t be simpler right?

Click here to explore Nadia's vegan recipe blog. 

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Hari Ghotra's recipe blog

Hari Ghotra's recipe blog

Hari Ghotra

For all things Indian-food related then Hari Ghotra is the No.1 recipe blog to go to.

From a traditional Keralan Fish Curry to simple Aloo Pakora recipes, she has 300+ free recipes for you to explore on her recipe blog(you can also print these off!).

My favourite is Hari’s Chicken Jalfrezi, which can be whipped in no time and is packed with bright and vibrant vegetables. She even has her own curry kit range through which she’ll send you all the authentic Indian spices you need to cook your chosen curry.

Click here to explore Hari's Indian recipe blog. 

Indian recipes

Double chocolate coconut brownies from Baking Bar's Recipe Blog

Double chocolate coconut brownies from Baking Bar's Recipe Blog

Baking Bar

Baking Bar is, as you may have already guessed, a recipe blog all about baking!

Set up in 2010 by David, he’s since created hundreds of baking recipes for you to enjoy. Blogger turned recipe developer, he’s even been asked to create recipes for the Huffington Post and Buzz Feed. 

Be warned that you may start drooling when you visit his recipe blog because his images are absolute food porn. Take their double chocolate coconut brownies for example, which you can see in the image above. 

They also hold massive monthly competitions and seasonal guides to all things food-related so do check them out.

Click here to explore David's baking recipe blog.

Vegan and vegetarian recipe blog by Tinned Tomatoes

Vegan and vegetarian recipe blog by Tinned Tomatoes

Tinned Tomatoes

Tinned tomatoes is a vegetarian and vegan recipe blog dedicated to recipes that have easy-to-follow steps and simple ingredients.

I love Tinned Tomatoes because Jaqueline, the creator of the recipe blog, makes hearty and warming dishes that you simply can’t resist. 

I also love the fact that she’s from Scotland so she’s got some Scottish classics that’ll put a smile on your face too! From her Vegan Haggis to Scottish Tattie Scones, you’ll definitely learn a thing or two. 

Explore 600+ vegan and vegetarian recipes on her site! 

Click here to explored Tinned Tomatoes' recipe blog.

Vegan recipes

Healthy curry by The Diet Chef

Healthy curry by The Diet Chef

The Diet Kitchen

The Diet Kitchen (TDK) is another vegan recipe blog but one that I couldn’t leave out because they really stood out to me. TDK is a health-focused blog created by Simon, a former nutrition coach and chef, so it's fair to say that you're in safe hands. 

From healthy quesadillas to healthy biryanis TDK make healthy eating fun and simple. Plus, all of their recipes come with a nutritional breakdown so if you’re mindful about what you're eating, Simon gives you all the information you may need to choose the recipe that fits to your diet.

Click here to explore Simon's healthy recipe blog.

Searching for spice recipe blog

Searching for spice recipe blog

Searching For Spice

Searching For Spice, run by Corina, is a blog that resonates well with me because of she shares Box'd Fresh's areas of interest of recipe development.

Indeed, creating recipes inspired by different cultures that pack flavour, often hot and spicy, are why I love Corina’s food blog.  I’ve been impressed by the variety in the blog’s recipes from a Brazilian Chicken Stew to Slow Cooked Asian Pork with Noodles, undoubtedly you’ll be able to find something that tickles your taste buds on her blog.

I’m excited to see what recipes she creates during the festive period! More of the same please…

Click here to explore Corina's recipe blog. 

Farmersgirl recipe blog

Farmersgirl recipe blog

Farmersgirl Kitchen

Farmersgirl Kitchen is a top recipe blog in the UK that encapsulates everything we love about food: wholesome, hearty and delicious.

Based in a small family farm in Scotland, Janice has been blogging for 10+ years now so her recipe blog is packed with helpful content including ‘How To’ blogs, which have clear methods in them so even the amateur chefs among us can follow along.

Janice also provides insightful reviews on products and recipes to help you make informed decisions when it comes to all things food-related. Her recipe blog is most certainly worth checking out.

Click here to explore the Farmersgirl Kitchen recipe blog.

Charlotte's Rocky Road from her recipe blog

Charlotte's Rocky Road from her recipe blog

Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen

Charlotte’s popular recipe blog is one of my favourites in the UK. Despite having no photography background, she’s invested a huge amount of time quite clearly to build up her recipe blog and create stunning photography for the AMAZING recipes she creates. I struggled to find a favourite one on her recipe blog because I kept on finding more that I was excited to try.

I was attracted to the ‘Everything Sweet’ section (because of my sweet tooth)! From Nutella cupcakes to peanut butter Oreo brownies, I was in food-heaven. I can’t wait give some of her recipes a try.

Click here to explore Charlotte's popular recipe blog.

Mostly about chocolate recipe blog

Mostly about chocolate recipe blog

Mostly About Chocolate

Set up by professional reviewer and expert chocolate-lover, Judith, her recipe blog is brimming with all the information you may ever need in your lifetime about chocolate.

After judging at the Academy of Chocolate Awards on multiple occasions, it's fair to say that Judith knows a thing or two about chocolate.

If you have a sweet tooth or are impartial to a daily dose of chocolate than you may have found the reipe blog just for you.

I love the fact that Judith makes chocolate, though enjoyable (I''m sure we can all agree), as it is, much more exciting. Indeed, you may find yourself stopping in the chocolate aisle at Waitrose inspecting what's on offer rather than hastily picking up any old bar! 

Click here to explore Judith's chocolatey recipe blog. 

Eat Cook Explore's recipe blog

Eat Cook Explore's recipe blog

Eat Cook Explore

Eat Cook Explore is a top recipe blog that stood out to us because of its' emphasis on food with provenance and nutrition. Favouring foods that can be traced from folk to farm is a value which we hold dearly ourselves so it was amazing to see a blogger share the same principle.

Eat Cook and Explore is about more than just food, it's also about travel and exploration, which I love. The blog takes on a journey of experiences and not just in London but also to farms and restaurants afar.

The blog also takes you outside the UK and into foreign countries, so it offers genuine value to any person looking to learn more about travel and food! 

Click here to explore Eat Cook Explore's recipe blog.

Healthy recipes


Only Crumbs Remain recipe blog

Only Crumbs Remain recipe blog

Only Crumbs Remain

Angela, the creator of the Only Crumbs Remain, resides in Yorkshire so I did expect the blog to have many put-a-smile-on-your-face type of recipes. It didn't disappoint. 

With a focus on bakery, the blog has deserts to suit all sorts of palates from fruity tarts to rich and indulgent pies. I love the fact that Angela’s recipes are so detailed, especially the method, making it easy for anyone to start baking.

Have you thought about baking recently? Well, here’s your excuse. 

Click here to start. 

Comfort recipes

Comfort Bites recipe blog

Comfort Bites recipe blog

Comfort Bites

Comfort Bites is a recipe blog that promotes a holistic approach to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. Indeed, creator of the popular blog, Jo, encourages you to find what works for your own body and not senselessly listen to anyone else. 

Comfort Bites has many paleo recipes for you to enjoy which you can find in its' Recipe Index. These recipes contain a low amount of grains, processed carbohydrates, and are high in natural, nutrient-dense foods. So exploring her recipe blog is well worth it if you are interested in learning more about the paleo way of life or 'caveman' way of life as it's often called.

Jo’s been busy as she’s also released numerous eBooks available to purchase on Amazon.

Click here to explore Jo's paleo recipe blog.

All That I'm Eating Recipe Blog

All That I'm Eating Recipe Blog

All That I’m Eating

All That I’m Eating, started by Caroline, is a recipe blog that stands out against the many popular UK food blogs out there because of the types of recipes she shares, which include seasonal and foraged ingredients. 

She even has a Wild Foods section on her site and you can find all her recipes that includes these unique ingredients. So Caroline really does encourage you to challenge culinary norms something we encourage our own subscribers to do. 

I am also a fan of her Review section, which provides valuable insights into restaurant hot-spots and food-related products. All That I’m Eating is really the ultimate recipe blog for the passionate foodie!

Click here to view her recipe blog.

Greedy Gourmet recipe blog

Greedy Gourmet recipe blog

Greedy Gourmet

Greedy Gourmet, which was created by Michelle, has one of the simplest formats and boasts some of the BEST food photography I've come across in the making of this guide. As Michelle says, the aim of the blog is to find those recipes that have the 'oomph factor' and it's fair to say that she's done a tremendous job so far!

From hearty British favourites to globally-inspired recipes from further afar, the popular recipe blog contains food that looks amazing and I'm sure tastes even better. 

Michelle is also a keen restaurant-goer. She gives honest reviews on many of the places she dines at. The next time you're looking to try somewhere new to eat on a Friday or Saturday evening think Greedy Gourmet, not Trip Advisor!  On top of all of that, Michelle is also an avid explorer, often in England, visiting natural reservations, hotels and the theatre. 

Click here to explore Greedy Gourmet's recipe blog. 

Jerk chicken by Recipes From A Pantry

Jerk chicken by Recipes From A Pantry

Recipes From A Pantry

Recipes From A Pantry stood out to me because of Bintu's passion to spread traditional African and fusion food to the masses through her recipe blog. She enjoys creating fresh, vibrant recipes with a dash of spice to make things interesting. 

I love the way that Bintu makes African food approachable to all! I'm sure many of us may not have had the pleasure of cooking traditional African food but we can now! With simple recipes and not too many ingredients there's no reason not to! Take Bintu's Jerk Chicken recipe which only has 7 ingredients in it. Now it can't get much easier than that, can it

Click here to explore Bintu's African-inspired recipe blog.

Lavendar and lovage recipe blog

Lavendar and lovage recipe blog

Lavender and Lovage

This recipe blog is by Karen, who spends her time shuttling between North Yorkshire and South West France. A freelance food writer and recipe developer, she is enthusiastic about seasonal food and local produce. She tries to highlight many of the traditional British feasts that are mostly forgotten today.

From baking recipes, various dishes of fish and meat to desserts and snacks, this recipe blog is replete with everything to satiate your taste buds. One interesting dish is Pork Medallions in a Brown Butter and Sage Sauce which is delicious, healthy and can be prepared in less than half an hour.

Click here to explore Karen’s recipe blog.

My fussy eater recipe blog

My fussy eater recipe blog

My Fussy Eater

Created in 2014 by Ciara in an attempt to make her daughter, then aged 3 years and a fussy eater, eat better, this recipe blog will leave you spoilt for choice.

It contains a wide array of innovative recipes for meals, snacks, sweets and drinks. There are also dishes for special diets such as vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, egg-free and nut-free diets. What is especially appealing is that all the foods are colourful, which is expected to score points with fussy eaters.

Ciara has also made recipes for Buzz Feed, The Huffington Post and Yahoo.

Click here to explore Ciara’s recipe blog.

Maison cupcake recipe blog

Maison cupcake recipe blog

Maison Cupcake

Maison Cupcake is a recipe blog created by Sarah Trivuncic, who hails from the West Midlands, in 2009.

Here, you will find recipes of meals, snacks and desserts. From healthy suppers to elaborate gastronomical delights, the recipe blog contains dishes for the busy homemaker as well as the one on holidays with plenty of time to kill.

Notably, Sarah is the author of Bake Me I’m Yours… Sweet Bitesize Bakes and has won the Cison UK Baking Blogs 2012, the Best Tasty Blog and Britmums’ Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2012. She was also a finalist in Best Family Food Blog, The MAD Awards 2011 and 2012.  

Click here to explore Sarah’s recipe blog.


Fab food 4 all recipe blog

Fab food 4 all recipe blog

Fab Food 4 All

For those looking to satisfy their hunger pangs with the most eye-catching dishes, Fab Food 4 All is the right place to dig in! A brainchild of Camilla, a wife and a mother of two children, Fab Food 4 All has gained immense popularity in recent times. Fed up with the boring recipes that neither worked for her nor could make her family happy, she decided to give a little twist to the so-called mundane dishes.

From lip-smacking breakfasts to brunches to scrumptious casseroles and chicken dishes to breads, beans and Danish food, her recipes are quick, fabulous and economical. Her prize-winning jam recipes are just what you need to make your day!

Her recipe blog has featured in a number of magazines, e-papers and websites. 

Click here to explore Fab Food 4 All's recipe blog.

Eats amazing recipe blog

Eats amazing recipe blog

Eats Amazing

Eats Amazing was started by Grace in 2012. Here on this recipe blog, you'll find the most interesting fun-food recipes for kids and easy tutorials to prepare those recipes at home without any hassle. Grace shows how a simple, everyday recipe can be made interesting and colourful with a little creativity.

As a mother of two, she understands how a boring, bland dish can put off children and feeding your child can become a big hassle. Food preparation includes bringing a fun twist to an otherwise boring dish and making the kid excited when it comes to healthy eating.

Grace is from Hampshire and she enjoys preparing healthy, nutritious food, bento style packed lunches and tasty treats for her family, and every dish comes with an interesting twist.  

Eats Amazing has evolved a lot with the changing times. Now, the recipe blog covers different aspects and nuances of feeding children, it features family-friendly recipes for various occasions, seasonally themed food idea and quick and simple recipes aimed at teaching children the basics of cooking. 

In addition, you'll come across video tutorials and loads of ideas and information on how to pack lunches.

To know more about Eats Amazing's recipe blog, click here right now!

Hungry healthy recipe blog

Hungry healthy recipe blog

Hungry Healthy Happy

Dannii created her recipe blog Hungry Healthy Happy in 2011. Her aim was to share the healthiest recipes that would nourish the body and make you feel good. 

It has turned into one of the most popular and influential recipe blogs in the UK that has an array of quick, easy and healthy recipes, which are not restrictive. That means you can still indulge in cheese, butter, ice cream and all the delicious stuff, but in moderate quantities. 

In 2015, Dannii published her Hungry Healthy Happy book with an aim to share her healthy tips with the world. Most of her recipes are her creations, healthy and nutritious, but not bland and boring.

Hungry Healthy Happy has been featured in a number of publications, including Mail Online, the Huffington Post, the Grocer and many more.

Click here to explore Hungry Healthy Happy's recipe now!

Salted mint recipe blog

Salted mint recipe blog

Salted Mint

Being a Cordon Bleu trained chef, Deborah Rainford-Thompson caters to the interest of foodies through Salted Mint. Here, you will find delicious recipes that are filled with the essence of seasonal ingredients.

As a passionate food-blogger, Deborah has provided fast & fresh recipes that are specially meant for a busy lifestyle. According to her, writing a recipe is similar to composing a symphony and it’s crucial that everything goes together harmoniously.

Considering the art of cooking as an emotional experience, Deborah has always paid heed to bring the balance of taste and nutrition. This is  evident in her Salted Mint recipes, that would help you get new ideas for preparing your daily meals.

From healthy glow broccoli and lemon winter salad to mouth-watering slow-cooker dishes, her recipes are ready to create that extra special “yum” factor.

Click here to find more on Salted Mint's recipe blog today!

The greedy vegan recipe blog

The greedy vegan recipe blog

The Greedy Vegan

Owned by Gloria S. Sucic, The Greedy Vegan is a recipe blog and social media platform that consists of a wide range of vegan recipes made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. Here, the focus has been put on delicious recipes which are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients.

Gloria believes in the fact that food can be the best medium to share happiness among people. With her best efforts, she tries to use as much local produce as possible and she is interested in blogging about stores and markets to make things easier for her followers.

With years of experience as a nutritionist, Gloria is ready to guide people through a healthy vegan diet. From The Greedy Vegan recipeblog, you’ll learn how to make the best use of veggies even without depriving your taste-buds. Besides quick and easy pea soup and Mediterranean pasta salad with asparagus, here you would also find some luscious desserts like an http://www.poiresauchocolat.net/avocado chocolate mousse cake.

To know more about The Greedy Vegan's recipe blog, click here right now!

Poires au chocolat recipe blog

Poires au chocolat recipe blog

Poires Au Chocolat

Created in 2009, Poires au Chocolat recipe blog derives its name from Emma’s love for the Pear and Chocolate Loaf Cake. It was the first recipe created by Emma that gave her a sense of sheer happiness.

Born in Devon, England, Emma’s world was always preoccupied with the flavours of pastry and desserts. Initially, she took the inspiration for cooking from her mother and grandmother. Though she liked the Cambridge Graduate Medicine Course, she left it in 2014 to concentrate on posting blogs on Poires.

With an eagerness to connect with her followers, she wants to turn Poires au Chocolat into something that functions more like a book than an updating recipe blog. Nevertheless, she likes to visit her recipe blogs on a regular basis and if required, she doesn’t step back from modifying those with new ideas. Whether it’s about cakes, cookies or puddings, Emma is there to provide you with a pleasurable sensation at any time through her blogs.

If you want to explore Poires au Chocolat's recipe blog, click here right away!


Fuss free flavours recipe blog

Fuss free flavours recipe blog

Fuss Free Flavours

Fuss Free Flavours' recipe blog was started in January 2007. As a freelance food writer and recipe developer from West London, Helen aims to share delicious food recipes which are easily manageable as well as affordable. Hence her sole mantra is - “Eat a generous portion of (raw) vegetables with every meal whenever you can.”

In regard to daily food-intake, she supports the idea of moderation instead of deprivation. 

From Fuss Free Flavours' recipe blog, you will get useful ideas on delicious ways to eat more fruit and vegetables. Even if you need the sense of variety on your taste-buds, this blog would help you find recipes according to your preferences. For your convenience, these recipes are categorised in a proper manner on the recipe blog.

Click here to find more on Fuss Free Flavours' recipe now!

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