We're a small team passionate to share our delicious recipes with thousands of people nationwide. Since our launch just a few months ago we've shipped over 10,000 recipes to subscribers across the UK. We're excited to see how many people we can reach over the next twelve months. 

We're mad about all things food, we thought we'd each share our first food memory with you...


James is the founder of Box'd Fresh. He worked tirelessly from June 2016 to June 2017 to launch Box'd Fresh as a service that could be enjoyed nationwide and he has now built a small team around him to help propel his efforts.

First food memory: beans on toast

Chef Chris

Our Chef Chris has been in the kitchen for over 10 years and we are very proud to have him at Box’d Fresh. 

Naturally, we wanted to recruit a chef with varied experience, a passion for food and somebody that wanted to push conventional culinary norms. Chris fit the bill on all fronts. From Cornish beginnings, where Chris developed his passion in the kitchen, to the heart of Notting Hill and Mayfair, Chris' breadth of experience makes him an invaluable asset to our team.

First food memory: fish and chips

Uyen Luu

 Uyen is a food writer, food photographer, food stylist, and filmmaker. She shoots all of our photography and has helped us to create our exciting one-minute cooking tutorials, which you can catch on our youtube channel.

We love hanging out at her cooking studio tasting some of the recipes that Chris has been working on.  

First food memory: beef noodle soup


Jessica is our Community Manager, who you can chat to at any time if you have any questions that need answering. She's in contact with our subscribers on a daily basis making sure that everything is perfect for them. 

Jessica is passionate about creating content all things food-related, which you can find over on our blog and on our social media channels. 

First food memory: Victoria sponge cake


Peter is our Warehouse Manager and one of the important people for us behind the scenes. 

He's responsible for overseeing the packing of 100s of recipe boxes each week and having to organise nearly 10,000 ingredients into each of them. His warehousing and logistical expertise have helped us to scale up our operations over the last three months since we launched.

First food memory: mac and cheese

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