The Why

No one in Britain would have dared to describe the country as a global culinary destination in the 1980s. We were a place of steakhouses and fish n’ chips doling out the same mushy peas and microwaved pies as they had served for ages. 

Three decades later and Britain is virtually unrecognisable. We’ve become one of the culinary destinations of the world for committed foodies from all over. British chefs’ have rediscovered the beauty of sourcing the best ingredients unearthed from their local environment. We’ve come to expect dishes that celebrate the classic, contemporary and international and we are now home to some of the world’s most celebrated restaurants and chefs, as highlighted by the record-breaking twenty-one new Michelin Stars, awarded this year in the Michelin Guide. 

Meanwhile, in the home, we’re expanding our repertoire like never before. An array of new international products are making their way into Britain’s store cupboards allowing people to cook more international cuisines and impress their guests. 

We started Box’d Fresh to celebrate this new gastronomic environment by making it simple for committed foodies to cook recipes crafted by the best chefs in Britain and to make dull dinners a thing of the past. We’re also committed to bringing you the highest quality content by taking you into the kitchens of the best restaurants in the country and giving you an honest insight into the minds of the UK’s finest chefs. 

You’ll be to enjoy recipes from the likes of Galton Blackiston, who’s held a Michelin Star since 1999 and is admired widely as a chef for his lack of pretention to Shaun Rankin of Ormer Mayfair who’s recipes are often simple in their approach to highlight the quality of his ingredients and many more. 

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